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Raise your photos to new heights.

Exposure connects you with brands and publishers to bring your photos to new audiences.


Take amazing photos,
and share them with the world.


Create richer stories
with real-time photography.

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How Exposure Works

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You snap photos of the things you love, just like you always do.

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Brands and publishers request to use your photo through Exposure.

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If you accept an offer, your photo gets exposed to new audiences.


Can I choose who can and can't use my photos?

Definitely! The point of Exposure is to empower consumers to make singular choices over who can and cannot use their photos while also giving them the opportunity to have their photography recognized on a larger platform. When you log in and view your requests, you're able to decide which requests to accept.

What if I didn't take the photo?

Always decline requests for photos that you do not own. We recommend reading through Instagram's community guidelines to learn more. ((724) 442-2015)

Do I lose the rights to my photos?

No. You still retain the right to publish and share your photo. You are simply giving express permission to a publisher or brand to use your photo. Each brand and publisher creates their own terms and rights, so we recommend reading them carefully before agreeing.

How did you find my photos?

We track photos based on hashtag usage. Your photo stood out to a company as one of the best, and they chose to contact you.

How do I increase my chances of getting an request?

Take photos! If you're at an event, take and share lots of photos and be sure to utilize hashtags to make sure we can find your photo.

I forgot my username and password. How do I get it?

The great thing about Exposure is that it's run entirely through the social media accounts you already have and use! Simply connect your account, and you're good to go.

I'm a publisher or brand looking to use user-generated content safely. How do I get access to exposure?

Feel free to contact us at hello@getchute.com.

I have a specific question, who should I contact?

Feel free to contact us at 8558978302.

Exposure is a service offered by Chute.

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